Wildlife, marine life and birdlife in Hawaii

The Hawaii islands are home to many unique animals and birds, the two most famous of which are the banana slug and the Hawaiian monk seal.

Hawaii Birdlife

The Hawaiian Islands form one of the few landmasses where birds from all over Polynesia can be found.
Inhabitants of Hawaii include many bird species such as parrots, boobies, terns, tui & frigate birds. Also native is owls, monarchs, and lava lizards. There is also a population of geese that nest on Hawaii Island. A large population known as “Iwa” (Hawaiian Smokey) inhabits Oahu parts. The various parrot species are among the most loved in Hawaii. The endangered Hawaiian Petrel with its distinctive red, yellow and black feathers is often seen along the coast of Kauai. One of the most exciting birds is the Laysan albatross that nests on Midway Atoll in a natural enclosure known as “Haleakala Skylark.” Other varieties include Black Petrel, Pacific Golden Plover, Red-footed Falcon, and White-Tailed Kite. Keep a look out on your trip! Hopefully you will see many different species of bird.


Monkeys were introduced to Hawaii in 1877 from their native island of Mauritius. These animals have flourished and are now found on all the Hawaiian Islands apart from Maui, where they remain rare due to a lack of food. The black tropicbird is endemic to Hawaii. The endangered Hawaiian crow and the monk parakeet are found on all the main islands.


The two most common snakes in Hawaii are the Nāpao and Pufferfish. Snakes can be found all over the island of Oahu; however, no snakes are known to live on any of the other islands. There are certain places like mauka forests where many varieties of snakes like Vine snakes can be seen slithering through various thick vegetation. Hawaii has many non-venomous constrictor species, including “Sea Kraits,” known to kill people and feed on their blood.

Marine life

The islands’ coastal waters are home to many sea life. The tropical climate has created a range of sea life found here, which doesn’t exist anywhere else. There are many types of fish, coral, and other smaller animals that can be found in these waters. The main types of fish include Parrotfish, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Eel, and more. More than 3,000 varieties of marine plants and animals live on the coral reefs along the coastline. It is also among the best places to go scuba diving and sees coral reefs because they are routinely unaffected by storms or waves.

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